Division and Area Name Changes

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.26.05 PM

We were previously called Division X but now …

We’re proud to be Division K!  The very first Division K Director is Carson Xia.

Our areas are also changing names too:

Area 32 (Westside TM, Kelowna Flying Solo TM, OC Toastmasters and Downtown Express TM) are pleased to be Area 80. The very first Area 80 Director is Sharleen McBlain.

Area 37 (Nelson TM, Sentinel Speakers TM and The Articulators TM) are pleased to be Area 81. The very first Area 81 Director is Sonja Peters.

Area 38 (Penticton TM, Penticton Said-So TM, Penticton Toasties TM and South Okanagan TM) are pleased to be Area 82. The very first Area 82 Director is Jennifer Mlazgar.

Area 39 (Kelowna TM, Kelowna AM TM, Kelowna City Hall TM and the UBCO TM) are pleased to be Area 83. The very first Area 83 Director is Susan Skinner.

A big welcome to the new team!

Immediate Past Division X Director – Moya Webb